Buy Crypto Without KYC – How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

There is growing concern regarding data privacy among end-users. On the flip side, businesses and other organizations are aggressively harvesting users’ data to apply it in optimizing their operations or surveillance. This data mining has driven some users to resort to privacy-focused platforms or those that require minimal personally identifiable information (PII).

Many firms providing financial services, including crypto platforms, are required to implement ‘Know Your Customer’ or KYC as part of regulatory compliance. The institutions may require one or more of the following:

  • Government-issued ID card
  • Your name
  • Your photo
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Home address

Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

Still, you can bypass these KYC requirements and buy crypto anonymously. You may use platforms that support cash transactions or opt to pay for crypto in person. Here are ways to start your KYC-free crypto journey:

1.   Bitcoin ATMs

The easiest way to buy crypto anonymously is via Bitcoin ATMs. These are dedicated and automated kiosks for buying or selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ATMs primarily accept cash deposits, so you can buy crypto hassle-free, without signing up or verifying your identity.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are commonly located inside retail stores, shops, restaurants, and malls. Use Coin ATM Radar to locate your nearest Bitcoin ATM and buy crypto anonymously using cash. For added security, you can generate a new paper wallet to directly receive and store your purchased cryptocurrencies. Paper wallet addresses do not hold any PII, adding a layer of anonymity to your crypto purchase.

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Besides privacy and security, Bitcoin ATMs offer a straightforward way to buy crypto. The ATMs work like conventional cash ATMs and users can effortlessly buy Bitcoin by following the prompts.

1.   P2P Crypto Exchange Platforms

Peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces eliminate intermediaries and allow you to purchase crypto directly from other users. These crypto exchange platforms typically require no KYC or other verification guidelines. As such, you can trade cryptocurrencies on the exchanges without giving up your PII.

The exchanges often provide multiple payment options including PayPal, Payoneer, and credit cards. Users can explore the marketplaces to find a reliable seller and buy Bitcoin without KYC. Also, most P2P exchanges charge low fees, if any, to the buyer.

However, you should be careful to avoid traceability when buying cryptocurrencies. For instance, bank transfers and credit card payments are traceable to your identity as banks always enforce KYC. So, cash payments remain unmatched by their minimal paper trail.

Some of the P2P exchanges include Paxful, Hodl Hodl, Peach, and Bitcoin.Global.

2.   Cash and Commodities

Some P2P marketplaces support Bitcoin purchases using cash and other valuable items. You can connect with sellers near your physical location to pay them using cash or other commodities like gold, cars, and more.

For instance, Paxful connects you to sellers near you who may ask for cash deposits to bank accounts or direct cash payments. You can also buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using gift cards, gold, and appliances, among other items.

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These in-person crypto purchases leave no transaction trails and are KYC-free.

Where to buy Crypto Without KYC

There are a ton of options to choose from when buying Bitcoin without IDs or other KYC regulations. However, this alternative often comes with certain limitations, especially on the amount of crypto one can purchase in a specified period. Here are the most convenient places to buy crypto anonymously:

1.   Bisq Network

This decentralized P2P exchange supports buying and selling of Bitcoin using fiat (like USD, GBP, EUR) and other cryptocurrencies. The platform comes in form of open-source desktop software for peer networks to trade crypto with no registration. Transactions on Bisq are conducted on multi-sig wallets to facilitate safe trades without third-party interference. Moreover, your data is stored on your local disc only. Bisq offers in-person cash payment options for buying crypto anonymously.


1.   RoboSats

RoboSats is another P2P platform for exchanging Bitcoin and fiat privately. The open-source platform is fast, easy to use, and requires no KYC. Customers deploy robot avatars over the Tor Network to trade with peers without giving up their identity or location. Users are advised to generate new identities (robot avatars) in subsequent transactions as it reinforces their privacy.

2.   Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl is a non-custodial Bitcoin exchange platform. Users can buy or sell Bitcoin globally using 25+ fiat currencies. The platform doesn’t hold user funds and facilitates trades via secure multi-sig contracts with no verifications required. Hodl Hodl generates the multi-sig escrow address for the buyer and seller, and BTC is released to the buyer after successful payment. You can also customize your purchase offer by setting the price and preferred payment option.

3.   Paxful

Paxful offers a wide range of KYC-free payment options to crypto buyers. The P2P platform, which boasts over 350 payment methods, allows users to trade valuable items, cash in-person, and cash deposits to the bank. Paxful introduced compulsory KYC requirements for some countries in November 2020. So, this option wouldn’t be viable if your country is on the KYC-required list.


1.   Peach Bitcoin

Another way to buy crypto without KYC is through Peach Bitcoin. The mobile-based P2P exchange connects Bitcoin buyers and sellers to trade crypto on the go. Peach also allows traders to personalize price and payment options without giving up their PII. Peach supports android and iOS devices, with a customer support center.

Making a Compromise

Arguably, buying crypto on KYC-compliant platforms is faster, convenient, and near-instant. For the price of privacy, KYC-free platforms may feel slower as transactions may take longer to settle. This may arise on P2P exchanges as you communicate back and forth with the seller.

Another downside of KYC-free crypto purchases is that Bitcoin ATMs may be located far from your location. There are just about 40,000 ATMs worldwide according to Coin ATM Radar. More stores are adding ATMs as crypto adoption soars.

Against common belief, crypto transactions are highly traceable as all transactions are stored on public ledgers and only concealed by pseudonymous addresses. If these addresses link with KYC-compliant accounts like credit cards, you could be identified.

Buying crypto without KYC is worth the compromise if you value your privacy. This way, your crypto address cannot be linked to your PII and no centralized institutions can surveil your crypto transactions. Now, that’s a smart move!

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