Crypto Launchpads – How Are Crypto Launchpads Beneficial for the DeFi Industry?

Web3 and the crypto industry have brought multiple innovations to the crypto community. They are striving to remove all the hurdles caused by centralized authorities by increasing the decentralized ecosystems. The introduction of crypto launchpads in the community provided a way for the decentralized capital model in the industry.

This guide article will explain the concept and need for crypto launchpads and the benefits they provide to the stakeholders and DeFi projects in the industry.

Understanding Crypto Launchpad

Crypto launchpads are providing an opportunity for trustless investments by building a connection between community and decentralized protocols. Crypto launchpads help investors make rational decisions and empower them by facilitating investments. They allow investors to invest in crypto projects by owning the responsibility of finding investment opportunities.

The investors will buy the tickets for the crypto launchpads and participate in the investment rounds. The terms and conditions of these crypto launchpads may vary depending on the preferences. The participants of the crypto launchpads can significantly benefit from the investment opportunities.

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Why Does Crypto Ecosystem Need a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto launchpads provide investors with access to the information required for making logical and rational decisions in crypto investments. In a bull market, when even experienced investors find it challenging to find the correct path, crypto launchpads may help pick excellent and sound investment opportunities.

Moreover, crypto launchpads provide high-quality deals to investors dealing with Web3. While using the Web2 protocol, users cannot use the products before they are officially available on the exchange. Moreover, they are not given expert advice to get due diligence regarding crypto projects. 

Advantages of Crypto Launchpad for Stakeholders

Launching any startup on the crypto launchpads provides the investors and the participants with a good amount of capital. The investors can have the opportunity to go through all the Web3 projects listed on the crypto launchpad thoroughly and understand the team operating the system. Moreover, it also helps look upon the community nurtured by the project and guides the investors in investing their capital in better opportunities.

The Web3 projects listed on the crypto launchpads are considered more credible in the community. Moreover, the traders are also offered multiple services to initiate investment in the market, such as introducing to investors marketing inputs, tokenomics pieces of advice, etc. The accelerators and incubators in the Web2 space have been replaced with crypto launchpads in Web3.

If the people in the community work with dedication and introduce better opportunities in the market, only then can they benefit from crypto launchpads. The accelerator model in Web2 is pioneered by different organizations such as Startupbootcamp and Y Combinator. However, Web3 has yet to develop such a legacy.

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In the Web3 space, crypto launchpads have succeeded in eliminating the noise from the system and creating projects that could grab customers’ attention. However, as the model grows, the number of scams and phishing attacks will decrease, providing reputational and sentimental benefits to the system.

Advantages of Crypto Launchpad for DeFi Projects

To enlist any project on the crypto launchpads, it must submit the details on the platform. Some mandatory details include the quality of base and unit economics, the status of smart contract audits, details of the advisers and investors, information on partners, and the KYC check on stakeholders.

In decentralized finance, the level of diligence is necessary for crypto launchpads. The smart contract makes the launchpads more vulnerable to cross-chain bridge hacks and oracle breaches. Therefore, any reputable audit firm can conduct a detailed audit putting investors’ minds at peace.


The efficient use of crypto launchpads is essential for the Web3 world to grow. It guides the investors to identify the correct project offering good-quality products and a remarkable vision. The crypto launchpad is still growing and looking to focus on communities with better track records that can span several crypto cycles. This could also assist in making the crypto launchpads the foundational basis of the crypto community.

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