The Best 5 NFT Play-to-Earn Games to Play in 2023

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have brought a lot to the crypto industry, one of which is gaming. Through the NFT ecosystem, we now have play-to-earn games, which reward gaming fans for playing their games.

Indeed, the growth of gaming projects such as Axie Infinity shows that there are many people entering the crypto space through gaming rather than traditional crypto assets like Bitcoin. 

This means that gaming has a brighter future than most people think, and this has been predicted by top bodies such as FIFA which say that NFTs will play an important role in the future of games in the world.

At the moment, there are games you can play and earn rewards just like any other gaming fan. In no particular order, the following are five of the top games you can play to earn crypto rewards right now.


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Illuvium is a game designed to give you the best gaming experience. The interface is brilliant, with excellent graphics and a lush environment that places it ahead of most games. This AAA-tier game lets players collect monsters in an open-world RPG adventure game, fusing them, and fighting with them in turn-based battles.

By playing the game, you’ll have an opportunity to earn ether. You have to use ether first to buy n-game items which could net you rewards. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum has a big support base and its high-quality design makes it a potentially huge game.


Faraland is an NFT game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The role-playing game is played by collecting characters on BSC, and is currently touted as the biggest war game on the network. The game has many races including humans, orcs, angels, dragonborns, demons, elves, and fairies, each having unique characteristics and stats like strength, agility, intelligence, and luck.

The graphics are not as good as that of Illuvium, having simple 2D movements with text. You can use a party of characters and go on missions around the world. There are many options on what actions to take at any point on your journey.


CyberDragon is a P2E game that has you challenging the legendary Cyber Dragon. The game is built on BSC, and has its own market. To play, you have to connect your BSC wallet with BNX tokens and then hire a hero. 

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The dragon hoards all the tokens in a pool, and the job of the hero is to overpower the dragon and access all the treasure it’s holding. There are different types of heroes, namely the classic mage, warrior, rogue, and ranger, all of which have different attacks and abilities.

The game doesn’t have the best animation, but it is a great way to earn some free token rewards as you play.

Armz Legends

This is another BSC P2E game based on arm wrestling. The process is simple – connect your wallet, mint arms, and begin arm wrestling. There are different levels of challenge, with easy, medium, and hard arms. 

After the wrestling, you have a chance to earn rewards that are more significant than for most games. The game is extremely simple and anyone can play it, making it a popular game as evident from its high transaction volume. 

Bomb Crypto

If you’re looking for a light-hearted fun game to play and also earn some rewards, Bomb Crypto is what you’re looking for. The game features a bunch of whimsical characters called “bomber heroes.” The player has to manage these heroes and use them to fight monsters. 

To advance to a new level, you’ll have to get rid of all the monsters on the current level. You also have a real chance at earning crypto rewards when you play this game.

Heroes need energy in order to take action and to battle other players, you’ll need to join bomb battles with tokens as entree fees, and the winner takes a good share of the loser’s tokens. 

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