What are Crypto Trading Bots and How Do They Work?

Crypto trading has come a long way, with many new developments to make it easier, make trading more profitable, and reduce the losses. Manual crypto trading can be demanding both mentally and physically. 

Also because human emotions can get in the way of trades, it makes it more difficult to trade well when you do it manually. This gave rise to bot trading, which carries out trades automatically and that does not require your attention all the time to do.

What is Crypto Bot Trading?

Bot trading is a kind of trading that involves using bots to trade rather than doing it yourself. The bot executes trades based on conditions you set, automatically implementing your strategies. You can use existing bots on a platform or program them with specific instructions to carry out trades.

Once this is done, the trade is implemented from the beginning to the end without you having to follow every detail. There are bots of varying complexity that you can use for different things when you trade. You can carry out bot crypto trading on any number of crypto exchanges, as long as they support bot trading. 

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How Does Automated Trading Work?

Crypto bots work on centralized exchanges and carry out instructions you set for trades. You can use them on as many exchanges as you want, with as many crypto assets as you choose.

All you have to do is connect the bot to the exchange you wish to use and then initiate the trading process. You will not need to be there to monitor the trades, and can profit more since strategies are implemented without any change of mind.

Why Engage in Bot Trading?

Bot trading may sound scary to do, but it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. This is why anyone – including absolute beginners – can use it to trade profitably. You can choose to use existing rules to trade if you don’t have much experience, or you can program the bots with specific rules for your trades based on your experience.

Since Bot trading doesn’t require that you hang around and monitor trades, it gives you the time to attend to other things. As a human, you have to rest for a few hours at least, but trading bots execute trades 24/7, even at night when you sleep, which means you don’t miss any good market move.

Another good reason to use bots for trading crypto is that they take away emotions from trades. Emotions can be a major challenge to your trades, because you can make rash decisions based on what you think is going wrong, or a trade you think you will miss.

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By using a crypto trading bot, you will eliminate suh emotions, meaning your trades will be implemented fully without diverting to the left or right. 

Challenges of Using Trading Bots

Using crypto bots to trade has a lot of advantages as mentioned above. They increase your chances of success by trading all day every day, and eliminate emotions in executing trades. However, they also come with some disadvantages.

First, bots are incapable of making necessary intelligent decisions in the course of executing your trades. For instance, certain sudden events may negate your set conditions and you would have canceled a trade, but the robot executes it anyway.

Secondly, there are security concerns when using bots, particularly those programmed by other people. This shouldn’t be a challenge though, as bots have no access to your funds, which are securely held on the exchange.

It is also possible for a trading bot to malfunction if it has a bug. Since they are computer programs, they can hang or have other issues that can affect it and hinder proper execution of trades.


Now that you know all about crypto bot trading, the advantages and disadvantages, you can now try them out. The good thing is that you can use it regardless of your crypto trading experience.

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